I am what some might call a “Granola Mom” and I am honestly okay with that title. To me that means I care about what my child is being exposed to. I care about the evolution of his mind, body, and soul. I believe the first years of life set the foundation for who my child will become, not only to me but to the rest of the world. Yes, I care about how he will interact with and treat other human beings, so YOUR WELCOME! I work my bootie off every single day to ensure he will be a healthy, bright, caring, more than decent human being. I believe he (and other children like him) are our hope for the future… and I see parenting as just that, an opportunity to improve the future! 
I also happen to have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and am a practicing Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. I spent years learning everything I possibly could about human development, the developing brain, attachment, and parenting before I ever started trying to have my own child. I use this knowledge everyday, not only in the interactions I have with my son, but in educating other parents seeking advice and knowledge. I consider it to be an honor and a privilege, and truly feel it is a large part of my role here on Earth this time around. However, if I am to hold myself accountable for teaching other parents I must ensure that I am doing everything possible to practice healthy parenting myself. For this reason, I never stop researching, learning, and practicing new ways to be with and teach my child. My methods are studied, trailed, and every evolving in order to ensure I am doing the best work I can as a mother and a professional. If something is not working, it’s back to the drawing board. I’m never afraid to let go of an idea or concept (maybe even one I truly believed in), and start all over if it’s in the best interest of my child. I created this blog in order to make it easy on other parents trying to do the same! I do the research, try out different methods, and share all the best bits and pieces of what I find on an on-going basis.  

So if you are a mom (or dad for that matter) that cares about connecting and teaching your children in the healthiest of ways… CHECK ME OUT, FOLLOW ME, LIKE ME, BE MY FRIEND, you know stuff like that! 
I also tend to be a little silly, so you’ve been forewarned :D.

2 thoughts on “AboutThisGranolaMom

  1. Oh Amerz, I always knew you would be a great momma. I love that you are doing this. You are one of the greatest girls I have gotten the pleasure to know. Thank you for this. I miss you guys and I hope with summer ahead we make some great camping memories with our little ones in tow. XoxoX

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