Immunity Boost Soup

When it comes to flu season, I’m always looking for ways to boost my families immune system. The easiest way for me, is through our diet.

Preparing healthy meals packed with immune boosting ingredients, is a sure way to fight off viruses we may come into contact with as were out and about.

Sometimes I’ll even challenge myself to see how many super, immune boosting ingredients I can get into one dish.

Today I’m sharing one of my family’s favorites:

Immunity Boost Soup


2 TBL Olive oil

2 cups Shiitake mushrooms (chopped)

1/2 Yellow Onion (chopped)

2-3 cloves Garlic (diced)

Sweet potatoes (cubed)

2 tsp Fresh Ginger (minced)

1/4 cup Miso paste

1 cup Spinach

1 cup Carrots (chopped)

Greek yogurt (dollop garnish on top)

1 tsp Green onion (garnish on top)


1. Soak mushrooms in 6 cups of water for 30mins to 1hour. Remove mushrooms and place water to the side.

2. Dice mushrooms and place in large pot with olive oil over medium heat for 2-3 mins.

3. Add onion and cook for 2-3 mins.

4. Add remaining ingredients and cook for 4-5 minutes.

5. Add water and cover pot. Let simmer for 25-30 mins.

6. Serve with Greek yogurt and green onions as garnish.

-Enjoy and Stay Crunchy-


About Me? Well geez... I haven't had anyone ask about me in gosh I don't know how long! Okay, okay I may be exaggerating a tad, but some days being a mom does feel like I am the last priority on the list. I am the mother of one adorably bright little boy named Hayden James. He is two years old and rocks my world in the best and most challenging of ways. I'm sure if you're a parent, you can understand that statement. I decided to start a family with my handsome hubby after moving to our favorite mountain community in California! We love spending time in the fresh mountain air, hosting gatherings for family and friends, and sitting back staring in awe at the little creation we made from scratch! I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology which is my other love. I am a practicing Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and especially value providing education on parenting. This area of my profession keeps me focused on continuing to learn and grow with regard to being a parent myself... a necessary task if I am to provide a platform for others to learn and grow in this area. I am always my first client, and work diligently to clear the path for others that may come to me in need of guidance. Parenting unfortunately does not come with a manual, but we are fortunate to have a sea of research and knowledge available to us on how to parent our children in ways that allow our children to grow up into the best versions of themselves possible! This is the knowledge I have spent years of my life accumulating and sharing with others. This is one space in which I am choosing to happily share that knowledge. So... if you're the type of person who is looking to start a family some day or already have, and want answers on what's best (according to me and lots and lots of research), then you've come to the right place! I also just like to have fun and be silly with being a parent too... it's either that or pull my hair out (and I rather like my hair), so silly, funny me is what you get ; D. Enjoy and happy parenting!

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