10 Habits for Raising Kind and Well Adjusted Children

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If you’re already doing these things, GREAT! If not, think about one step you could take today to incorporate one or more of these practices. 

I always remind myself and other budding parents to think about how we would want to be approached if we were to do something harmful or hurtful to another. I know I for one do not enjoy being shamed, blamed, or berated… and I never seem to learn much from it either (but maybe that’s just me). It tends to result in me going into fight, flight, or freeze (typically freeze), experience increased heart rate, irregular breathing patterns, and fear of the individual approaching me in this way. This in turn makes me feel horrible in my mind, body, and soul. So when I think about how to approach difficult situations with my wee one, I have to ask the question, “Is that how I want him to feel?” The answer is, Absolutely Not! 

I want him to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in his ability to learn, grow, and live in a way that is balanced and productive for his developing mind, body, and soul. 

We are all human, and all deserve to be treated with equal kindness and care. I think the 10 habits shared in this article are a great way to get there!

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 10 Habits for Raising Kind and Well Adjusted Children: https://www.mother.ly/child/10-ways-to-shape-a-kind-well-adjusted-child#close