Very Berry Smoothy

Would you believe me if I told you I could offer a recipe that would get your little ones to eat spinach and kale for breakfast 😳? 

We’ll get ready to be mystified! This super easy, super quick recipe includes your probiotics, antioxidants, Omega 3s, protein, calcium, potassium and more… plus it’s GREAT for all stages: pregnant and nursing mothers, introducing solids (can be frozen into trays as well), picky toddlers, and moms and dads looking for that extra boost 😊! #getthatextraboost

Here it is:

 The Very Berry Smoothy!


1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 banana

I cup Greek yogurt 

1 scoop Superseed Blend by Nutiva (for purchase at Costco)

1/2 cup warm water OR apple juice


  • Add ingredients to blender.
  • Blend on high until smooth

And there you have it, a super yummy and extremely healthy breakfast that will have your kids tantruming for more!!! 

My son requests this for breakfast almost daily, and it brings me GREAT JOY to serve it to him 😊!